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Life – Take Full Responsibility – Body, Mind and Spirit

Taking care of your body is a wonderful way to nurture your mind and spirit. Even though you may think that the basic necessities in life are less important as your mind and spiritual development, you cannot truly succeed in one area without taking care of the others.Physical practices such as working out, yoga, chi-gong, tai-chi, martial arts, etc. are all means by which you can cultivate a healthy physical self while at the same time developing your inner life. When you care for your body you will nourish all the aspects of your life that are essential for your greatest sense of well-being.When you take responsibility for your entire life, you need to be more conscientious of what you need to do in order to take care of your needs at home and at work. The awareness to take responsibility for every aspect of your being arises from the understanding that without tending to yourself first, it is difficult to accomplish other things effectively and with ease.Right now – this moment, focus your attention on doing things that are healthy and satisfying – first for your body and then your mind. Consider the following tips:• Commit to physical practices each day for at least 30 minutes – walking, bicycling, hiking, working out, jumping jacks, jump rope, yoga, chi-gong, tai-chi, martial arts, etc.• Revise your food plan to meet your body’s needs. Eat Right For Your Blood Type.• Meditate to connect with your inner being and spiritual self. Practicing yoga, chi-gong, and tai-chi are also excellent ways to connect with you inner being and spiritual self.Establishing a regular physical practice tine and attending to your inner and spiritual self is mandatory. Set the intention to do one thing each day that supports your entire being. You will notice a greater sense of overall health and happiness within 30 to 45 days.