Brief Bio of Modern Coffee Table Designers From 1920s to 1960s

Modern coffee table design of the 20th century is one that at least partially shaped the future of what people place in their homes today. It always makes for good educational material to learn the history behind popular designers of furniture that is placed in a living room or other room of the home.Isamu Noguchi He was famous for a few works, such as his legendary Noguchi Tribeca Coffee Table. This piece is fabricated of a cautiously sculpted two-legged base, one which a piece of black glass sits. This is a rounded triangular piece which can be put in nearly any contemporary living room position.The creator of the item mentioned above (Isamu Noguchi) was from Japan and had worked for over 60 years producing very high quality original designs. This man worked along with other great architects of his time such as George Nelson, Paul Laszlo, and Charles Eames. These men all worked with many others at the famous Herman Miller Company.Mies Van Der Rohe This is one of the most famous designers in history. He created great works such as the Barcelona Coffee Table made in the 1930s. About a year after this famous item was initially produced, it was put in a house in Brno, Czechoslovakia.It is very popular nowadays because of its 100cm square wide clear top. The man who created this very notable piece was also responsible for the facilitation of the famous Barcelona Chair that was created in 1929, which is often matched with a stool created of similar materials.Charles and Ray Eames were also very famous designs who created their own designs of contemporary tables. One of the more well-known ones is the ETR Elliptical Surfboard Coffee Table that became a hit in the 1950s. Charles and Ray were a husband and wife team whose colleagues included George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi, and Paul Laszlo.Florence Knoll Tables first inspired by Florence Knoll now are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles a great deal like the ones original created in the mid-1950s. They are produced by this notable designer who learned under Mies Van De Rohe, Eliel Saarinen, and other influential people of this period in history.Many people have fun decorating with one or more of the above-mentioned modern coffee table designs. The choice you make on one may depend upon a variety of factors such as size or layout of room and the total amount of furniture and accessories you own.

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